The Property Gallery will support the Pyjama Foundation on National Pyjama Day, Friday 20th July. The Property Gallery team will participate and wear our Silkari® Hotel Pyjamas to work.

All donation will go towards The Pyjama Foundation in support of foster children to help them achieve life skills and confidence.

National Pyjama Day
On National Pyjama Day, by wearing your favorite pyjamas and by making a donation to The Pyjama Foundation, you’ll be helping to make a difference to the lives of foster children. Money raised from National Pyjama Day will help to offer learning skills to more than 1000 children, fund educational resources and help provide stable, positive relationships.

The Pyjama Foundation
The Pyjama Foundation was founded in 2004 to make a positive impact on the lives of our community’s most vulnerable children. The Pyjama Foundation supports the dreams of kids living in foster care by empowering them with education. Through their one-on-one mentoring program, volunteers called ‘Pyjama Angels’ are recruited, screened, trained and then matched with a child in care. Foster children have the lowest educational outcomes nationally due to the trauma many of them have experienced prior to entering the care system which greatly hinders their learning and
life outcomes. Pyjama Angels help children reach their potential by assisting them with reading and writing, and providing consistent love and support. By improving their learning skills, The Pyjama Foundation is making a positive, life-long impact.

Join us to support little people with BIG dreams on National Pyjama Day!